Long ago, in a foregone era, small business relied on great locations and the walk-in traffic it would generate. Modern advertising (and a lot of Jon Hamm wannabe's) expanded awareness, and along with it, market size. Then came the internet and everything changed again. Radically so. Smart businesses extended their reach even further and, with the advent of online shopping and next-day shipping, the distance to the customer was no longer a barrier. 


In 2007, the iPhone — followed by a slew of other smartphones — gave us unprecedented mobility and greater access to new customers. Location services on our devices enabled GPS navigation and social media enabled new dialogue and engagement with those customers. Online reviews, mobile payments, and Software as a Service (SaaS), again, changed the business landscape.


Winners and losers were being determined by their ability to adapt to change. Technology had become the great equalizer. But for those who failed to adapt, technology had become a destructive reality. Businesses that had stood for generations were being outrun and outperformed by nimble, upstart competitors.

If you've been paying attention to how the last 25 years have unfolded, or if you have an appreciation for history, you've seen this in your own community. You've seen members rise and fall on the tide of technology and their adaptation to it.

This isn't to say that good customer service and a solid reputation don't still stand for something; of course they do. But, all things being equal, the companies that deliver on both solid customer service and high quality, and understand how to leverage technology, will always win. 


Technological leverage will continue to determine winners and losers and Interactive Voice Technology is next-up.


The next wave is beginning to crest. It’s driven by Interactive Voice Technology and will be sourced from the most robust, versatile, and transportable repository of information ever created — the web. Through in-home and in-car smart digital assistants with names like Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, and Siri, leading businesses are already putting their consumer-focused Voice strategies into place.


Partnership with ChamberCentric's VivaVocé gives your Chamber a gateway to the most important member benefit in a generation and an opportunity for you to re-write your relevance and non-dues revenue script.

Let’s start a conversation about how your organization can (and should be) the gateway for on-boarding your members to a Voice strategy through VivaVocé. Let’s discuss the new member benefit you can offer. And let's put in place a plan for the non-dues revenue it will create.


Voice is here. Your window of opportunity to capitalize is now. Don’t miss the rare opportunity and the renewed relevance it can bring to your organization.

There’s no future that

doesn’t have ambient

computing or voice



                      - Mark Cuban

Every once in a while, there is a tectonic shift in the technology landscape, and we think Voice is one of those.


                - Nick Fox, Google

We wanted to remove friction for our customers, and the most natural solution was Voice.


  - Rohit Prasad, Amazon