Local chambers of commerce do amazing, often underappreciated things for their communities.

As a chamber leader, you work hard to promote your local businesses, strengthen the positive impact of other local organizations, and advocate for the greater community good in all sorts of ways that many would never expect.


It is tireless work and too often the message of who’s behind it all (you) fails to reach the larger audience (your community). As a result, the chamber appears (in the minds of too many) less relevant than it could be. You've been hearing that word 'relevance' tossed around for nearly two decades now in the chamber world. At conference after conference, you’ve heard it: “Chambers need to be ‘more relevant, with better member engagement and, oh, more innovative." And the pièce de résistance — 'Chambers must connect more effectively with millennials.' 

Any institution, business, or organization can stand to improve, but it is our belief that the vast majority of local American Chambers of Commerce are doing things right and entirely relevant on a daily basis; working in the positive service of their communities, and honoring their mission to serve.

The reality, in fact, is that most chamber messaging simply isn’t reaching a sufficient percentage of the community-at-large, with enough frequency, or at a high enough volume. We want to help you change that. We want to see you as the hero of your chamber story.


Introducing Speaking Volumes, a means by which you will tether the positive messaging of your chamber’s impact with Amazon’s Alexa, an old-school print 'on-ramp,' and a multi-media messaging strategy designed to reach and engage, not only your members but, virtually everyone in your community.

Speaking Volumes is a communications initiative for Chambers of Commerce that want to promote their relevance to the community, amp-up engagement in their organizations, and improve retention of their members. By weaving together the most interesting stories with traditional print, Amazon Alexa, and an online hub, ChamberCentric has built a real head-turner for the Chamber Community.


- Robert Goltz, President & CEO

Pembroke Pines/Weston Chambers of Commerce (FL)

Every once in a while, there is a tectonic shift in the technology landscape, and we think Voice is one of those.


      - Nick Fox, Google

There’s no future that

doesn’t have ambient

computing or voice



       - Mark Cuban